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About Us

We are a women-owned company and believe in using marketing for good. 

After working with major companies, Nabeelah realized marketing played a big role in the success of companies and non-profits. She partnered with Shahnaz to use their skills and creativity to help organizations that did not have a full in-house marketing team or the expertise.


Social Needia provides our digital marketing and design expertise to organizations that are giving back to their community in a positive way.


Nabeelah Naeem, CEO

Nabeelah has been managing marketing, social media, and campaign strategies for leading humanitarian, education, and advocacy organizations for over a decade. 


Shahnaz Naeem, President

Shahnaz is the co-founder and President of Social Needia, in addition to being the creative director. She manages multiple clients, creating and implementing customized cross-channel marketing campaigns. Her work spans across the digital landscape and includes graphic design, web design and digital marketing. She also has experience in running fundraisers and, and under Social Needia, has helped raise over $500,000 through online fundraising.

Check out Shahnaz's portfolio.


Iman Brin, Illustrator

Iman Brin is a highly talented illustrator. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She is currently a freshman at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Follow Iman on IG @doodlingwhynot to check out some of her artwork. Aside from art, Iman is interested in writing, politics, and global studies.

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