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Have you noticed a decrease in Facebook likes?

We are sure you noticed the annoying Facebook video ads and increased number of boosted or sponsored posts in your feed. Yes, Facebook is is a full-fledge advertisement tool and is becoming oversaturated.

What does that mean for your company or non-profit page?

It is going to become more difficult to reach your followers and show up in their feeds. Here are 3 steps you can implement, to have a better chance to show up in your followers' feeds:

1. Tell your followers to follow and turn their notifications on to see your posts via Facebook Livestream!

Turn on notifications.

2. Livestream: Currently all your followers receive a notification when you livestream so take advantage of it.

3. Diversify: Make sure you don't put all your marbles in one platform. Earlier last month, Facebook was down for users around the world. Users panicked after seeing blank feeds. Maybe this is the time for you to take Risk Management 101 or just have a plan in place for such an emergency.

How Can your Organization Prepare?

Make sure your organization has a website, blog, and social media presence on platforms that are right for you, so in case one platform does go down, your business can still communicate with your clients, donors, and supporters.

Make sure your visit Social Needia LLC's blog for marketing tips.

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